Pricing Guide


The following is a guideline you may use to obtain a fairly accurate charge for the repair BrokenDesktop Employees perform on your computer.  Please note that this is only a guide line and chargers may differ depending on your computer.  Should this be the case you would be informed of such extra charges prior to the repair.

Repair Type Cost On Laptop Cost On Desktop
Estimate $20 $20
Virus Removal $40 $40
Motherboard Repair/Replace $60 $40
CD/DVD Drive Install $20 $20
Hard Drive Install $20 $20
Operating System Install $40 $40
Power Supply $60 (Power Jack) $40
System Cleanup $60 $40

All prices listed above are for the Labour, Additional prices for parts may apply.

Please note that estimate fees will be waved if repairs authorized at time of estimate.

To schedule a convenient time for you to drop off your computer for repairs, obtain a quote or ask a question, please call or text 647-203-3179 or click here send me a message.