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Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Hard Drive Replacement

Looking at a netbook can be very intimidating.  Anyone who owns a laptop or notebook, knows that your hard drive is supposed to be behind one of those flaps at the bottom.  But where is the hard drive in a netbook?

Iphone 3G & 3GS Digitizer Midframe Assembly Replacement

The following guide is going to show you how to replace your cracked or defective digitizer for the Iphone 3G & 3GS. To replace a cracked screen you may go about this 2 ways, one is to replace the whole mid-frame assembly.   The other is to replace just the digitizer.

Using a IDE/Sata to USB Adapter

Many users have purchased an ide to usb device but many will claim that such devices do not work, or do not work efficiently.  This small page will help to explain to you what you need to do when using your USB to IDE adapter.  These steps will only work with Windows XP or newer, […]

Programs that keep your computer safe

You may be experiencing slower than usual start up times, your internet may be going slower, or when you type a website into your browser you end up at a completely different and unrelated site.  Many times these are caused by viruses, spyware or malware.  Although they all appear to be the same thing and […]