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BrokenDesktop is a small business dedicated to providing affordable electronic repairs.

Starting out repairing desktops we have evolved into the electronics field now ranging from cameras to cell phones to your desktop or laptop.

BrokenDesktop is an in home business allowing for cheaper repairs by removing overhead costs of an external shop.  We are then able to pass these savings onto you.

Founded in 2005 by Jeffery Duff, BrokenDesktop was the site to goto for your computer questions.  Ever so quick popularity and only intermediate knowledge in the computer repair field, the site shut down.

In 2010 Nathan White approached Jeff with the desire to re-launch BrokenDesktop, but this time not just as a website dedicated to helping others fix there computers, but as a business where users can come to BrokenDesktop and have there computers repaired for them.  Nathans primary goal was, and still is, to provide affordable quality repair service while still holding the level of standard put forth by other major businesses.

We at BrokenDesktop want users to not fear a break down, but see it as a minor setback.  We are here to show you that with the right direction and tools, anyone can perform the repairs.  But if your short for time, we are also here to do the repairs for you.

Nathan White

Job Title: Computer Repair Technician

Experience working on computers: 11 (8 years passively, 3 years actively)

Since I was 16 i have been very interested in computer repairs but only ever did it as a hobby.  From week to week i would always have a computer to repair, be it my parents who couldn’t even at the time understand how to turn on a computer, to my friends of friends.  Everyone was always having an issue of some sort and i was always very happy to fix it!

My experience is all hands on experience.  Back then it would take me a while to troubleshoot an issue, now-a-days there isn’t much issue that occurs to a computer that i have not seen before, from bad ram to bad drivers to exploding motherboards, and i know how to effectively diagnose the issue.  I look forward to being able to provide you with advice and having you entrust me with looking after your computer for you.

Every computer i fix i treat as if it was my own when it comes to my repairs.  I am a very finicky person and i know that if i am happy with this repair, you will be too.


Jeff Duff


Job Title: Website Admin / Public Relations

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That is a small look into the world of who we are.  I do look forward to many more posts and being able to help resolve problems.  We believe that maintaining your computer should not be expensive.  You shouldn’t have to spend a weeks pay so your computer will run, or to not have to lose your memories you have stored on your computer.  We want to help you!  We want to make a difference and allow you to be able to fix your own computer, and if there is a time that the job is too big, or you just don’t have the time, we are here to do it for you!