Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Hard Drive Replacement

Looking at a netbook can be very intimidating.  Anyone who owns a laptop or notebook, knows that your hard drive is supposed to be behind one of those flaps at the bottom.  But where is the hard drive in a netbook?

Believe it or not, your hard drive is located underneath the keyboard.  Follow these simple directions and you will have no problem replacing the hard drive inside of your Dell Inspiron Mini 10!

Tools required:

  1. #0 Philips screw driver
  2. Safe pry tool
  1. On the bottom of the laptop remove the 3 screws highlighted in the photo
  2. Open up the laptop so you can see the keyboard.  Using a safe pry tool insert the tool in behind the keyboard as shown in the photo, once you get the keyboard raised use your hands to gently pull it up.  Be aware of the 2 notches on both sides of the keyboard that keep it clipped down.
  3. you may disconnect the keyboard ribbon if you feel necessary.  If you are not very trusting of yourself to not damage anything, i strongly recommend you do.  You can do this by pushing the 2 ends of the clip out toward the ribbon as shown in the diagram.  Once both sides are out you can gently remove the ribbon.
  4. Remove the single screw holding the caseing down and using the strap slide away from the screw.
  5. Remove the 4 screws in the casing and swap hard drive.
Putting it back together is just as easy just follow the directions from step 5 to 1 but instead of removing screws, put them back!
This service can be performed for you for $20.  If you require we install the Operating system as well, an additional $20 would be charged.  At which point we can also recovery important documents, if the drive is not too far gone, and restore them onto the new hard drive we just installed for you.
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