Why you should service your laptop!

Knowing how to take apart and clean a laptop can be a very tedious and difficult job.  But what happens when you don’t have your laptop taken to a shop, provided you service it yourself, can be very harmful. Your heatsink, which cools your laptop, can become clogged!  When this happens your fan just circulates hot air within a vastly confined area.  Cooling will still occure but its effectiveness will not be as good and will cause your computer to work harder at keeping itself cool!  You will notice in the last few pictures how dirtry around the fan is, at least for where it sits inside of the area surrounded by 2 heatsink fins.

Images were taken from a laptop HP pavilion 9000 (9220ca) that was brought in for a cleaning service.  Total Price paid $60. Fan is providing signs that it is going to die soon, but if not serviced, the laptop would soon start overheating, the fan would die from over usage.  The overheating on the CPU and GFX chips could be un repairable causing you to require a new motherboard which can run hundreds of dollars in repair.

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