Programs that keep your computer safe

You may be experiencing slower than usual start up times, your internet may be going slower, or when you type a website into your browser you end up at a completely different and unrelated site.  Many times these are caused by viruses, spyware or malware.  Although they all appear to be the same thing and all fall under the category of [swear word here] they each exist for a different purpose.  None the less nobody wants these but not everyone knows how to get rid of them.

For someone like me that has been fixing computers for years to remove this virus it is very easy, I can remove your hard drive from your laptop or desktop, connect it to my computer to remove the infections, re-install the drive back into your computer and run cleanup software to undo the effects.  For the those who do not have this luxury, I am going to provide some very effective and typically efficient options — ones I use too!

Here is a list of programs that will help to keep your computer running at its best.


Avast! Free Antivirus


This is the antivirus of choice for us at BrokenDesktop.  This antivirus is not only free, it works and does the job better than many paid-for antivirus programs!

Priding themself on there speed, Avast 6.0 is now “leaner and meaner” (there words not mine).  Avast is great because it detects many viruses that other paid-for antivirus applications don’t.  I used to use Norton but when I got a virus that it didn’t pick up, things had to change.  I tried AVG but found it to be to hard on the computer in terms of resource usage.  Next I found Avast and I have been using it ever since.  All clients computers I repair get this baby put on there computer when they leave my shop, unless they already have an antivirus then I just let them know I recommend this one as it is free and works great.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


This application is great because it can remove many dangerous viruses, spyware and malware.  If you wish for it to provide continous protection then I’m afraid you have to pay for it, but if you just want to get rid of a pesky bug that has found its way into the hard drive of your computer, you only need the free version.  Very simple to use; just download, install, update, and scan!  Afraid you may be infected? Download and give it a try now, it can’t hurt and is here to help!




This is a small powerful program that comes with its own warning.

You should not run ComboFix unless you are specifically asked to by a helper. Also, due to the power of this tool it is strongly advised that you do not attempt to act upon any of the information displayed by ComboFix without supervision from someone who has been properly trained. If you do so, it may lead to problems with the normal functionality of your computer.

That said,  first and foremost this is a last resort application.  You are always recommended to run Malwarebytes before running this. And you will get no different opinion from us.  This application should only be run when all else fails.  I have known people to crash there computer by running this on there system for no reason at all.

Combofix can and will remove many major viruses and malware.  It will also, when the scan completes, display the newest created files, show you a list of files and folders it deleted and much much more.  So if you are going to run this application, please be advised, you were warned!


Piriform’s CCleaner


This program is great for helping remove clutter that you can’t see!  When used it can cleanup your computer in several ways, most importantly being your registry.  The registry is your operating system’s brain; the bigger the registry the more work your computer has to do.  Every time you install and remove a program, registry points are not removed.  These will slow your computer down because your computer will look for files that do not exist. By removing these points, your computer can worry less about if the file exists and more about running the programs you want!


These are all programs that we at BrokenDesktop will use on your computer to help make it work at its optimum!  We charge $40 for these services. Although we can’t assure you that we can remove the virus before it crashes your operating system,  we can recover your important documents and photos and restore them back onto your PC should we have to wipe your hard drive.

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