Welcome to the new BrokenDesktop.

Over the past 10 years online society has evolved considerably —  things like Facebook and Twitter did not exist in the past and community forums were the most effective way to get information to users with questions that want answers.  This was tedious and slow process for people with questions because it only allowed you to get information from a few people at a time.

Today you can now go to places such as Twitter, post your question with a hash-tag (or two) and your question or comment has reached thousands to millions of people.  We understand how this new style of media is important, which is why over the past year we have been actively researching what to do to make the BrokenDesktop website a powerful resource for PC help as well as many how-to-fix articles.

We know the only way to be a successful business is to listen to your community’s questions and comments. Many of you want to know how to fix something yourself or at least know what is involved in repairing something on your PC. We want to help you. BrokenDesktop has 11 years experience working with PCs and will post how-to articles that we see (by listening to you!) as easy problems to fix.  We will also post reviews on good quality computer parts and other random techy-products to show you inexpensive ways to get the most out of your gadgets.

So here we are jumping right back into the PC help and repair business. We look forward to providing you with the helpful information and good quality service that you would expect.

For those of you that do not know BrokenDesktop; we are a home-office business that consists of two friends. Nathan White is the head Computer Repair Technician and Jeff Duff is the Community Manager. To find out more about the two of us, head on over to our About page. We will tell you a little bit about ourselves as well as what our roles we play and various ways to talk to us!

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